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4 women who inspire me

1. Cleo Wade

Author of my all time favorite book of honest, inspirational tidbits mixed with poetry and art, #hearttalk, Cleo speaks to the everyday highs and lows and how to love yourself and others through them to create a life you love.

Check out her Instagram here #cleowade

2. Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of one of my favorite books for creatives, “Big Magic” and the international phenom “Eat, Pray, Love,” as well as orator of my favorite TED talk, Elizabeth Gilbert acknowledges the fear that creatives have been taught they should feel daily and inspires us to instead embrace our creativity and our power and to live as boldly as possible. She also gave a #TED talk called, “ Your Elusive Creative Genius” that resonates with me more than any speech on creativity I’ve heard. I would recommend it 150%.

3. Heather Day

I am absolutely obsessed with all the work Heather Day does. She was also the first artist I found that showed the instagram world how her work and life coincide and was one of my biggest inspirations as I started the to take myself seriously as an artist. She also does this awesome thing called Studio Table that I could go on about, but you should just check out yourself ;)

All her work along with her blog posts and a link to her new book can be found on her website here. #heatherday

4. Amber Ibarrache

Amber has this amazing way of taking all of my thoughts and putting them simply in bold, interesting pieces of art. The highlighted piece is one of my favorites, as well as “ Support the arts, date an artist” :) I love how honest, relatable, and beautiful her work is. Plus, she also makes products with her great phrases on them (if anyone wants to get me a present.) Amber really highlights how much my generation values loving and supporting each other and I think this world needs more people like her.

Find her on instagram here. #amberibarreche

If you'd like to see how these amazing women influence my art, and/or how my daily life as an artist has progressed, follow my instagram here.

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