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A quick note on how (and why) to title your artwork by Alyssa Hamilton Art

Here’s the thing about titles:  THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT.

Your title is the only say you have in what the audience sees in your piece.

I have had clients reach out to me specifically to comment that they like how I title my pieces. My titles invite extra thoughtfulness, discussion, and attachment to the work. I make abstract work, but I tie that work down to a specific feeling, a moment, a place, or a person through the title.

Think about it. Make it matter.

My best-selling work has always had uplifting titles. I have tried some more “angsty” or melancholy names, and they never perform as well. If you think about it, most of your clients will be looking to bring something into their home that brings joy and happiness. If you name your pieces something sad, it will be harder to find a place where they “fit in.”

I usually find title inspiration in a piece’s colors.

Sometimes in the movement

Sometimes in the person I was thinking of when I was painting.  

One of the most difficult things about being an artist, for me, has been learning how to relax into the space of vulnerability this profession requires, BUT every time I really put my heart into a piece, into a name, into a description, or any detail really, it pays off. Everyone wants a reason to connect and this is another outlet for that connection.

Be inspiring, be real.

Have the best day! - Alyssa

Do you have a favorite piece/title of mine? Let me know on Instagram @alyssahamiltonart

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