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Alyssa Hamilton Art Tapestries as Photography Backgrounds with bepeachie

One of my favorite things is seeing how my work is displayed and used by clients. Recently, Lauren from @bepeachie reached out to me to show me work she's done with my piece "Desert Journey [2]" as her background. Be Peachie focuses on capturing images of women and making them shine using vibrant colors and fun backgrounds. Not only do I love that she used my work, but I love what she stands for as well!

Here is the original tapestry:

It comes in three sizes, 51"x 60", 68"x80", and 88"x104"

Here are the amazing photos she took using it as a backdrop:

If you are in Phoenix, Arizona and you're a badass woman who would like to spend a day loving yourself, book a session with her here.

If you're loving this tapestry, it can be purchased here.

*this is not sponsored, I'm just very excited about it!

As you can tell, I love seeing where my work ends up. Show me on facebook or on instagram @alyssahamiltonart

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