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Behind the scenes of my new series

This new series has yet to be named, but it should reflect early parenthood and exploring the new depths of yourself in the 20 seconds you have alone.

Finding my way, day by day, in who I am now, while I raise a tiny beautiful person, has changed my entire view of the world. It's given me an appreication for the little things in life and I'm proud to use these moments in between to stand in my individual human-ness before I head back into the daily whirlwind of motherhood.

In this season of life, I don't have as much time to dedicate to super intentional, layered work. This series is a fun way for me to explore quick and dirty creativity. They have so few touches before they dry, and my hand only guides the piece so much. I have an idea, and the piece finishes in its own way. The beauty that has been coming from this lack of control has truly been surprising to me, but as any parent knows, a little less decision making is exactly what I need right now.

In that same vein, I've been using more reference photos than I ever have to choose my color palettes and have incorporated my love of dried bouquets. I find a beautiful one, loosely follow it for color, choose some placements, how much of a certain hue I want in the piece and throw some extra water in some places.

Then, I walk away and don't think about it again until morning.

It's a beautiful, unexpected surprise every day and a much more sustainable practice than I thought I would have in this moment.

I'm proud and I'm excited to see where this goes. Thank you for following along.



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