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Customer Favorites from Society6

I can't believe I've been part of Society6 for over three years. It has changed my life to have the opportunity to make my art more accessible to everyone. Original art isn't in everyone's price range and, this way, my art can still be part of many lives. I love seeing how all of you incorporate a little part of my world into your lives and I'm so thankful for you! This is a post to highlight customer favorites from the past few years.

One thing I didn't see coming is how in love with I am with seeing my work on different products. The #5 best seller is this Celestial Pillow. It is a piece I took quite a long time on, and it's so fun to see it grace so many couches and beds.

These minimal pieces are so great. They are a diversion from my normal color schemes, but my normal forms are still found inside them. A piece like this is so versatile and simple, it has been purchased and styled differently many times over throughout the years.

I am glad the simplicity of this piece has been appreciated. I was originally going to paint more over this textured layer, but couldn't bring myself to before capturing it in this simplistic state. I have seen many places this piece has ended up and it always brings a peaceful elegance to the space.

This piece solidified my love of gold accents. I strive to create both a sense of peace as well as intrigue in my work and this piece captures both perfectly. I am happy to have seen this live in so many homes and places of work - it's the perfect escape.

I love that this is the number one seller, because I painted this originally entirely myself. I wasn't going to post it, but did, on a whim. So many people have connected with it over the years and I just love that something I love so much resonates with so many.

Thank you for continuing to support me three years later! As always, I'd love to hear from you. Find me on instagram @alyssahamiltonart, facebook, and pinterest!

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