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We made it - New updates from 2021

This last year has been quite a ride.

At the beginning of ** gestures to everything ** I made a series of paintings called "Elsewhere." That's where I feel we've all been for over year. Not here or there, but elsewhere. Somewhere we, collectively, had never been in our lifetime. I am glad this series exists because it shows the hope I had in the beginning to create through the chaos. That feeling didn't stay consistently throughout the year, but the idea of feeling apart, together, did. It was an experience to live through something with the entire world. 2021 is the year we all take what we learned being around ourselves for so long and integrate it into daily life. It's going to be weird, and I'm ready for it.

The remaining available pieces from the "Elsewhere" series can be found on etsy.

What I've realized through this year is that my creativity cannot be rushed, it cannot be pulled out of me when I don't want it to. When I let it rest, I can come back with fresh eyes and create some of my favorite pieces.

I am in a very huge transitional phase in my life. Your girl is engaged! I am excited for this new adventure, but also terrified. I haven't been as active on my social accounts while I navigate the huge feelings surrounding this. I know the work will come when it is supposed to, but until then continue to follow my life on instagram @alyssahamiltonart.

As always, you can find home goods, gifts, and prints on Society6 here.

I'm so thankful for your continued support!


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