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Alyssa Hamilton Art X Mixtiles

I was lucky enough to be asked to come on board as one of the premier artists for Mixtiles new artwork product launch. You can now create your own gallery wall filled with artwork from artists all over the world. These framed pieces start at just $19, stick to any wall, and ship all over the world. I love that this new outlet has helped me work toward a personal goal - I want to my work to be affordable and available on every continent. (If you have my work and are in a continent other than North America, let me know! I'd love to see how close I am to reaching this!) Mixtiles likes to curate specifically for you, so finding my work is a little less straight forward, but if you click that you like abstract work, a few of my pieces will pop up, and from there you'll be able to click my name and see my whole catalog. (or, since you're here, click here :) ) I am able to add new work to this platform as often as I can, so be sure to check back.

Here are some of my favorite current pieces available:

I would love to see your gallery walls! Tag me on instagram @alyssahamiltonart



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