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How To Style Artwork by Alyssa Hamilton Art

To me, styling artwork for a home or office space is all about balance. There are a few ways to accomplish this balance.

Balance Energy

The first thing most people think of when they think of balancing their space with artwork is balancing the energy of the room. For example, if your space is very minimalistic the way to balance the energy is to find a very busy and vibrant print, like this:

In contrast, if your space is very maximalistic, you can find a very minimal print that brings gentle energy to the room:

As you can see, this room has a lot going on, but the prints that were chosen are very minimal. This helps create a sense of cohesion even with massive energy happening.

A third option, if it is your style, is to match the energy of the room. If the whole room is bold and loud you can choose a bold and loud print that makes the entire room come alive. When done correctly, this creates such a vibrant space full of energy and life.

Balance Colors

A second way to approach this is to balance the colors of the room.

You can do this one of a few ways. One would be to find a print that exactly matches your color scheme, like this:

This is a nice way to keep a very cohesive look and not bring too much attention to your walls. This works for a space that doesn’t necessarily require a “talking point” like an office space, meeting room, or reading room. You want the focus to be on what is being discussed, but you still want a beautiful space.

The second way works well in places that benefit from a statement piece or talking point and that is to choose a piece with complementary colors. This will highlight the artwork and help it stand out against the rest of the space; this is used often in bedrooms or living rooms like this:

Balance Texture

A  final way to do this is to balance the texture in the room.

If you’re someone who has very minimal textures; soft throws, neutral pillows, and a minimal wooden or glass coffee table, you can choose a piece of artwork that is full of texture. This can be a painting that has texture built in, or you could chose a 3D piece like a sculpture or wooden artwork to hang that brings a little more movement and life to your space.

Find more inspiration on my "How To Style Artwork" #Pinterest board here. Did these tips work for you? Let me know over on Instagram @alyssahamiltonart

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