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My Process. Step One: Inspiration

My creative "process" is a relatively new development. I used to paint with no plan and no "end" in mind. I've realized lately how much freedom exists when I actually take the time to work out the details beforehand. This is part of how I do that.

Step one: Inspiration

Thank god for #pinterest (unsponsored!) It gives me an endless supply of inspiration in any area I can think of. This is important in my first step: a #moodboard of sorts. It involves 4 parts: composition, name, color, and

First, I look for composition inspiration. I try to look for shapes, contrasts, or a general "feel" that catches my eye. - You can follow my inspire | composition board here.

I then paste it into a 8.5x11 in. page in photoshop ( this is important so it doesn't need resized prior to printing - I like to have hard copies.)

Next, I look for a short poem from either my LOVE, INSPIRE, or POETRY board. This is how I name my pieces and also sets the "mood."

Once I have the named the piece, I look for colors. From here, I color match in photoshop, I look at my original composition inspiration to decide the correct proportions and make squares that correlate. This helps me when it comes to actually sketching the painting - I already have an idea of the predominant color and how it should interact with the other colors in the piece.

This is what a finished mood board looks like for me:

When this piece is finished, it will be named "Universe" thanks to #christopherpointdexter.

This is the first, and arguably the most valuable part in the process. I hope this inspires you as well! I would love to hear what else inspires you and how your process differs from mine - dm or tag @alyssahamiltonart on instagram.

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