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New Piece: Rhythm of Rain

I have mentioned before that I name most of my pieces after poems. I felt like this specific poem was calling out to me and matched this painting so perfectly. It is an excerpt from a longer piece by Danielle Doby:

"I am the reason you have eighteen different smiles. One for when he walks into the room. I am every penny you ever wished on. The silence that stands between you and a sunset. The tingle you feel when your hand fits perfectly in the cusp of another's.

I am laughter at 4 a.m. on the kitchen floor. the reason you choose sunflowers over tulips. the rhythm of rain that plays the soundtrack to your perfect Sunday morning. I am the tears that stain your satin pillow. the fire in your belly when you speak the truth. the deep exhale when you hear the words "hey, me too."

I am the only thing that breaks just to get bigger. I am your heart. and I'm here to make you feel something. " Buy her book here

I think this piece shows the strength of your heart through the ups and downs of life and I'm quite proud of it.


If you'd like to own this original piece you can find it here.



Shout out for this title for teaching me how to correctly spell "rhythm" and to my mother for teaching me that people like to click the photo to follow the link.

Let me know your thoughts, send me new poems, or give me some feed back on instagram, facebook, or Pinterest. AND if you love poetry as much has I do follow my poetry Pinterest board and maybe you'll see my titles popping up :).

xo Alyssa

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